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“To be able to concentrate for a considerable time is essential to difficult achievement.” — Bertrand Russell

Working in the flow state is like traveling through a black hole, in which time has collapsed. After passing it, you’ve achieved outstanding, creative and high quality results.

Think about the last time…

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Setting up your workplace, building the right mindset and get your work done.

“Banished to the home office can be both — a blessing and a curse.”

Have in mind that the advantages and disadvantages of beeing in the home office depend on each person’s individual living circumstances and their technical equipment.

What you consider as an advantage maybe is a drawback for…

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Micro Jobs On Amazon Mechanical Turk

Micro jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Active income stream

You can register for Amazon’s job platform Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is a crowdsourcing marketplace. Individuals or businesses outsource their jobs via this platform to a workforce who can perform…

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How to achieve your long term goals and visions.

“Your life isn’t endless, live the life you want. Get the best out of each morning and turn your visions into reality!”

Have you ever failed in consistently working on your goals and personal growth?

I must confess I did.

What were the reasons? What’s keeping us from working on…

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