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Ideas about: Investing, Biz & Self Improvement • University Degree in Economics • Work Experience in Finance • Connect with me on IG: marcel_obivilarius
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Working in the flow state is like traveling through a black hole, in which time has collapsed. After passing it, you’ve achieved outstanding, creative and high quality results.

Think about the last time you experienced a similiar state. A state of complete productivity, creativity, focus and enjoyment.

The last time I entered this state was while learning programming in python.

After doing a bit of warm up with the new topic, I’ve entered a mental state, in which I was fully dedicated and…

Unleash your full cognitive potential.

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Hack #1: Keep Your Body Strong And Healthy

Your Body is the house of your soul and brain. Only a brain in a strong body can unfold its full potential.

A weak and sick body will always force your brain to be busy with suffering and focussing on these negative aspects. You won’t be able to concentrate for a longer period of time, you will be less focused on your goals and tasks.

In case you feel unhealthy at the moment, I recommend you to do a medical checkup first. …

You wonder where all your salary has gone at the end of the month? Be sure, you’re not alone with these questions.

I had to face these problems also. It’s time to share some simple but also effective ways, that helped me to decrease my expenditures.

The following tips are simple and instantly feasible. They are for free and will have a tremendous impact on your daily finances.

Too many bills? Too many spendings? Time to implement some effective tips! Photo taken  by myself
Too many bills? Too many spendings? Time to implement some effective tips! Photo taken  by myself
Too many bills and spendings? No clue where your salary has gone at the end of month? Use these proven tips! Photo taken by me.

Tip #1: Transparency and Control

The key to decreasing your expenditures is to make sure, you are in full control of your money. Dispense with using credit or debit cards.

You will…

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Setting up your workplace, building the right mindset and get your work done.

Have in mind that the advantages and disadvantages of beeing in the home office depend on each person’s individual living circumstances and their technical equipment.

To make the best of the situation, we can optimize different aspects of working from home.

In the following I want to give you a guide, how you can optimize your home…

  1. Akward lighting
  2. Bad sound quality
  3. Disturbed internet connection
  4. Distracting or embarassing background (incl. sounds)
  5. Speaking with muted microphone
  6. Unmuted microphone and talking weird to yourself (or worst: bad about other…

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Have a great day!

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#1 Cryptocurrencies

Cryptos build a highly intransparent asset class containing thousands of different cryptocurrencies. Without a solid knowledge of the technology, the different markets and the possibilities to implement them in the real economy, investing in this asset class is a bet.

#2 Peer-To-Peer Loans

Peer-to-peer loans, also known as p2p loans, are loans between individuals. There exist several online platforms, which bring togehter individual borrowers and individual lenders through an auction-like process.

Many individual borrowers on the p2p platforms do not have the creditworthiness to obtain a bank loan. Though the interest rate for a p2p loan is significantly…

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Micro Jobs On Amazon Mechanical Turk

Name: Micro jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Kind of business: Active income stream

Description: You can register for Amazon’s job platform Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is a crowdsourcing marketplace. Individuals or businesses outsource their jobs via this platform to a workforce who can perform these tasks online. Once you’ve been accepted to MTurk, you can choose between different micro jobs. The jobs offered on this platform don’t need extraordinary skills. For example, you will be shown different pictures and you have to press x when you see a dog, and y when you see…

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Icon Business.

Name: Icon business

Kind of business: Passiv income stream

Business model: An icon is a small simple graphic design like this 🍭. There are different types of icons like flat icons, glyph icons, 3D icons, outline icons, filled outline icons. Icons are required when programming a website or other software applications. Software designer don’t want to design these icons themselves. It’s possible to buy icons (license for use) on the internet. If you want to sell icons on the internet you can either create the icons yourself or you can hire a designer. After creating, you can upload…

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How to achieve your long term goals and visions.

Have you ever failed in consistently working on your goals and personal growth?

I must confess I did.

What were the reasons? What’s keeping us from working on already defined aims?

The hectic pace and dynamic of everyday life distracts us from working on our goals. This results in reaction instead of acting proactively towards our overall goals.

I realized this problem after making my New Year’s resolutions during my days off from work.

As soon as the…

Marcel Obivilarius

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